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ALPENRIND gains silver and bronze award at the World Steak Challenge in London

The World Steak Challenge is the World Championship for meat “sommeliers”. At this international competition ALPENRIND was awarded a silver medal in the category “Rib Eye” for its “German Angus Steak“ and a bronze medal for its “Simmental Dry Aged Cult Beef“. The awards were accepted by the managing director of ALPENRIND, Mr. Roland Ackermann, in London. He was very delighted to observe that ALPENRIND´s high quality steak was acknowledged by an international jury.

Demonstration of high quality steak by ALPENRIND

Since 2014 ALPENRIND has consistently been working on the development of a steak product line and has already been able to successfully market this product line with passion for high end products. From Denver-Cut Steak to Dry Aged Steak – ALPENRIND is the professional contact partner for the customers.

„German Angus Beef“ from Bavaria

ALPENRIND- bayern is the exclusive marketer of the high-grade „Certified Angus Beef Germany“. The brand meat program combines the advantages of the originally Scottish cattle breed with the closeness of the place of breeding and production in Germany. By applying a QS system based standard the Angus cattle are born, fattened and slaughtered in Germany. Certification of the Angus beef is performed by the Fleischprüfring Bavaria respectively by its subsidiary, the QAL. 
The meat of the Angus cattle is renowned worldwide for its tenderness and for its high share of intramuscular fat. The ALPEN-RIND steaks “age” for 20 days and are especially finely grained and savoury, thus gaining the second highest ranking at the World Steak Challenge in the „Rib-Eye“ category.

Dry Aged Cult Beef as innovation of ALPENRIND

With its product innovation „Dry Aging“ ALPENRIND produces a special delicacy on the basis of the „Slow Food Principle“. Carefully selected sirloin is aged in special air and climate controlled environment for at least 21 days. This maturing process on the bone in an optimum climate results in a highly aromatic and tender „Simmental Dry Aged Cult Beef – Roast beef“.
This specialty, awarded with a bronze medal, is produced from Simmental cattle, whose meat is finely interspersed by delicate intermuscular fat. Thus creating the characteristic marbling of the meat.

Quality test against international competitors   

The World Steak Challenge offered ALPENRIND the possibility of having the quality and taste of its steaks reviewed by internationally leading chefs and experts. The meat was examined in a detailed evaluation by independent jury members in “raw state” according to factors such as appearance, flavour, colour, marbling and consistency. In “cooked state” according to factors such as appearance, flavour, taste, juiciness and tenderness. At the closing event in London ALPENRIND was awarded a silver and a bronze medal.

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Managing director Roland Ackermann is pleased to receive the awards and the appreciation for the ALPENRIND products at the World Steak Challenge.
With its product innovation „Dry Aged Cult Beef – Roast beef“ ALPENRIND convinced the international jury in the category “Rib Eye” – besides the  German Angus Beef, which is produced in Traunstein.

ALPENRIND supports Schmetterlingskinder children’s charity

ALPENRIND supports the association DEBRA Austria that assists the Schmetterlingskinder children’s charity. Each year, ALPENRIND foregoes expensive Christmas gifts to customers and partners, and donates € 3,000 to Salzburg’s EB (Epidermolysis Bullosa) House. This private clinic for Schmetterlingskinder, young people suffering from the incurable skin disease Epidermolysis Bullosa, is solely funded with the help of donated funds.

Thus the € 3,000 to Salzburg’s EB House were urgently needed. “Our donation to the EB House is in very good hands” ALPENRIND CEO Roland Ackermann is happy to say when handing over the check to University Professor Dr. Johann Bauer, head of the research laboratory. The money will be used for research and medical care of the patients.

Social commitment is very important to ALPENRIND, Mr.Ackermann stressed. The company delivers for example meat to the Salzburg Wärmestube (a shelter) and supports regional sporting clubs in their youth development program, disabled sports and the Ronald McDonald children’s charity.

ALPENRIND spendet für Schmetterlingskinder
Primar Univ.-Prof. Dr. Johann Bauer officially handed over the donation to Ing. Mag. Roland Ackermann, ALPENRIND CEO.

More information on ALPENRIND`s social responsibility