ALPENRIND bayern A stable partner for regional agriculture

On July 1, 2015, the ALPENRIND GmbH has taken over the operational management of the abattoir Traunstein.

Since 2008, ALPENRIND GmbH has marketed beef under the brand ALPENRIND Bayern from the producer associations of Traunstein and Miesbach that operate the Traunstein location together with about 5,000 members. Here about 55,000 Bavarian cattle are processed annually. Sides and quarters of beef are further processed at the Salzburg location.

Cooperation with ALPENRIND salzburg and thus the OSI Group means access to international markets and assured sales for farmers, producer groups and cattle dealers from the region. The meat trade in Germany therefore benefits from reliable delivery quantities at competitive prices, and consumers can rely on getting the highest quality goods.

Investments in modernization

The operation in Traunstein has existed since 1965. In 2004 it was taken over from the city of Traunstein by the producer associations of Traunstein and Miesbach With the commitment of ALPENRIND, the location was secured in the region over the long-term. More than one million Euros have been invested in the modernization of production technology thus far. Securing the location is also beneficial to the environment and animal welfare, as the animals only have short transport distances.

The best possible animal welfare

Animal welfare comes first at ALPENRIND. In addition to short distances from the producer to the business, this includes type of transport and thorough veterinary control from receipt onwards, and use of the latest stunning techniques.

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